Give Prominence to Your Idea

Give an opportunity to your idea, project or initiative and realize it with a successful equity crowdfunding campaign
Opsidea is the web platform gives prominence to your ideas and allows you to:

Show your idea, your initiative and your startup directly to private investors and to an audience of supporters potentially unlimited;
Raise capital with the equity crowdfunding campaign more suited to your needs;
Support an idea, an initiative or a startup in which you believe with a limited investment risk.
Private individuals, companies, organizations, associations, universities, local authorities can enjoy Opsidea to propose ideas, initiatives and startups and/or to contribute to their achievement.
Opsidea addresses:
Who has an idea, an initiative and wants to launch a new business and/or a successful startup
Who believes in the potential of an idea and is ready to support it

  Opsidea's mission

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